Web sites

When we develop a customer site with valuable management program sites, and efficiently web hosting operation around the clock, the result will be delightful for the site visitor as well as the manager.

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Smart phone applications, which rely on web, invaded our world to provide services and solutions interaction by moment, and make a better advanced experience.

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No more resource wasting on ads that don’t refund the investment value. Through internet social marketing you’ll reach your customers clearly and easily.

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In this current era, business management requires flexible programs that contributes in business success, makes our follow up easier, and gives timely the correct information.

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Main Products


Traditional methods of broadcadt news or publish ads are no mere effective nowadays; Channels and agencies of news or ads serve the true audience or followers.; at a time where social media overspreads; like whatsapp , facebook , telegram … All the above social media are having a well huge audience. We' ll help u contact your audience in a high speed; flexible; easy; and good cost since we are professional in this field.

phpTransformer the free open source CMS

Do you want to create a website for your establishment, your business, for your club, your company, to your association, to your organization?
phpTransformer will do every thing,It will run your site smoothly and easily, The basic features will make your work as you want and without any programming experience, It contains programs to add unlimited pages and other programs of news and voting and well statistics system..and much more.
Don't forget that phpTransformer is the first content management software Multilingual Internet sites, so if you plan now or in the future to expand your website with more than one language phpTransformer has the solution and you only need the translation.

Libre business the free open source ERP

Based on Open ERP, Libre Business is a complete CRM web solution that enables sales, services & marketing teams to manage their segments of the business. It also includes ERP modules for Inventory & Human resources.

  • Product planning, cost and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and payment